EDA Update on Tech Hubs Program

This week, EDA updated its website to include broad details about each of the 31 Designees’ proposals. While each Hub’s programs reflect their respective technology and industry focus, they are unified by the goals of the Tech Hubs program: making and delivering innovative products and services; developing our workforce for the jobs of tomorrow; and strengthening America’s economic competitiveness and national security.

Collectively, the Designees requested $2 billion in funding for a total of 182 projects, including workforce development programs, entrepreneur support, technology commercialization and capital investments. In total, Tech Hubs applicants reported at least $435 million in matching funds for their projects from industry; state and local governments; and other partners.

You can read the full release from the EDA here.

In addition, the EDA Tech Hubs program released a video recently explaining the 8 innovation themes the 31 Tech Hubs fall into. The American Aerospace Materials Manufacturing Center hub is part of the “Growing the Future of Materials Manufacturing” theme, with a focus on transforming the future of the aerospace industry by accelerating the adoption of advanced materials on aircraft. You can learn more about the innovation themes below: