Spokane’s Tech Hub Featured in GeekWire

This week, GeekWire highlighted Spokane’s ambitious move to establish itself as a leader in advanced aerospace materials with the new Advanced Aerospace Materials Manufacturing Center (AAMMC). The initiative focuses on developing thermoplastic composites, which promise to revolutionize the aerospace industry by offering a greener and more efficient alternative to traditional materials. This effort is backed by a powerful consortium, including aerospace giants like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Spirit Aerosystems, and Blue Origin, along with local players and academic institutions.

Senator Maria Cantwell praised the initiative, stating,“We would be the only place in the world to have that capability to make plane parts of that size, and of the type that we need,” Cantwell said in April. “That full-scale fabrication of composite components — for everything from ribs to beams to wings to frames to bulkheads — I think could put us in a place of demonstrating the scale that we need.” The consortium, comprising over 50 organizations, aims to secure a $72 million federal grant to boost research and development, which could further elevate Spokane’s status in the aerospace sector.

With this tech hub, Spokane is set to attract significant investment and talent, positioning itself at the forefront of aerospace advancements. The project not only promises economic benefits but also aligns with broader environmental goals. For an in-depth look, check out the full GeekWire article here.