Senator Maria Cantwell Highlights Support for AAMMC Tech Hub at Aerospace Showcase

On Friday, April 26th, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell highlighted Spokane’s potential as a global leader in aerospace materials manufacturing during an aerospace showcase at Blue Origin in Kent, WA. The region is poised to host the world’s first full-scale advanced aerospace materials test-bed, marking a monumental leap in development and manufacturing capabilities​. This comes after the federal designation of the Spokane region as a Tech Hub for aerospace materials—a move facilitated by the CHIPS & Science Act, spearheaded by Senator Cantwell herself.

“Being designated a Tech Hub means the United States already believes that we are capable of pulling this off,” Sen. Cantwell said during a roundtable with aerospace industry leaders, academic researchers, workforce development partners, and Spokane-area manufacturers.

“If this Tech Hub proposal is successful, it means we would be the only place in the world to have that capability to make plane parts of that size, and of the type that we need,” Sen. Cantwell continued. “That full-scale fabrication of composite components — for everything from ribs to beams to wings to frames to bulkheads — I think could put us in a place of demonstrating the scale that we need.”

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The Tech Hub status could unlock up to $75 million in federal funding for the region and the AAMMC Tech Hub. This facility will be a game-changer, enabling the production of critical aerospace components from ribs and beams to entire aircraft frames and wings.

The Tech Hub will not only bolster Spokane’s position in aerospace but also significantly contribute to the local economy by creating high-skilled jobs and fostering innovation. With over 54 aerospace suppliers within a 20-mile radius and a robust infrastructure supported by local educational and government institutions, Spokane is well-prepared to support this burgeoning sector. This initiative also promises to enhance workforce training and development, ensuring a steady supply of skilled workers in the region.

Spokane’s designation as a Tech Hub heralds a new chapter in U.S. aerospace innovation, with wide-reaching implications for economic growth, job creation, and technological advancement. By harnessing local expertise and federal support, Spokane is set to become a pivotal player in the global aerospace industry, making it a model of how regional development can shape future industries.

You can see a full read a release by Senator Cantwell here.

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